Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It's been a long but good day. Started out just lazying around, sleeping in. Talking with friends. The I headed off for a haircut, and decided to go visit my aunt, and talked with her for a few hours, had a great time. :) Then I got to go to bible study and see the best crew, an finally ended the day at arby's sitting and talking for a spell. Got to talk to some wonderful people today, not only my best friends, but people I don't get to talk to often, some of them actual family, and some my adopted family. :)

Today, I thought a lot about being thankful for those we have in our lives. A lot of times we take people for granted, and forget their true value. Take today for instance, I talked to a good friend of mine for forty minutes on the phone, then I doubted that it was a genuine friendship. How dumb is that? Sometimes we nit pick the conversation, and try to find underlying problems that 95% of the time aren't even there. We shouldn't worry and just enjoy the moment. Remember, you are you. You have allowed these people to influence YOUR life. It's their loss if they decide to leave. Keep your head up!

And today, a bundle of laughs, and some pictures that may get you thinking.

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