Monday, January 5, 2015

Hey guys! I'm back! I had a brief period where i got really busy, and kinda lost focus of what i wanted to do with this blog, due to some issues I had going on, but I'm back now! A few things before i get back into it.

1. Purpose. the purpose of this blog is to do two things: to make you think, and to make you laugh. I will pictures of funny things, funny stories, jokes, anything you can think of, but I will also be sharing hard lessons that i thought of throughout the day, or week, or a story to learn from my experiences. If permitted, I might even tell other peoples stories too.

2. Content. Nothing I say is going to be blatantly inappropriate, but neither am I going to leave out some content if it adds to the moral of a story. This blog is gonna be honest, I'm not gonna cut something out to make people feel more comfortable. Some of my stories will surprise people. But I'm still gonna tell them, because that's not who I am today.

3. I'll be posting anywhere from twice to about four times a week. I figured that's what I'll have time for, and whats a pretty decent output of weekly content. Just thought you outta know! *passes out*

Alright, with that said, I'll leave you with a few jokes, to end on a happy note. have a great day!

Wait for it... wait for it.... now you see it don't you?

I guess a spelling test wasn't included in his orientation.

Do you smell somethin'? Nope, do you?

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