Wednesday, January 14, 2015

No Wonder My Head is The Clouds...

"The key to making dreams become reality is making goals to its existence. Creating something that gets you just that one step closer. That's how we achieve the impossible." 

That's just something that I was thinking of when I was working today. As of late, I've been day dreaming a lot. Not without purpose, but something that I dream about doing. I would really love to get into doing YouTube videos.  No, not just to become famous or just to put stuff out there, but to inspire people. whether that be through laughter, or a story, a monologue, I want people to be able to see me, and leave having a more positive outlook on life. 

One of the people who really inspired me to get into this is Blimey Cow. A group of past home schoolers, now full time YouTubers! Here is a sample of their videos: 

I really enjoy dreaming sometimes. It gives me something to think about, keep off my video games, and provide me with a goal. In the past, my dreams have never really come into play. I've tried a lot of things for someone as young as I am. Why that is you may ask? I'm honestly not sure. Part of it may be my follow through is terrible. When I try something and it falls through the first time, I get discouraged. Sometimes, I just gave up. 

Another reason is funds. I've never had much money, and due to the way my life goes now, I have even less, but nevertheless, I keep dreaming. I think a fair portion of why I fail is because of a lack of goals. 

Goals are important! you cant just get from point A (not doing what you want) To point B (being where you want to be) without a few stops to regain your breath. For example, right now my goal is to get the equipment necessary for high quality gaming videos on my computer, and then start getting those videos. I have plenty of goals in mind for this, but that's just my first one. 

I know this is pretty lame, but I really feel passionate about this. I hope I may have inspired you today, and have a great one!

What is this burning thing in the sky? 

Rhett and Link have found you....

I don't even know, I just couldn't stop laughing. 

Some of us live in different worlds...

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