Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What was that again?

Memories. We all have them, the past, things that happened to us. Vacations, relationships, parties, friends. Anything that you remember you have memories. But what is the purpose behind them? Why do we remember things. Some good some bad? 

One reason is to see the journey that we've been on. We've all had to take an adventure to get where we are today. Things that have shaped us into what we are today. I think if we remember that path, we remember why we are the way we are. 

Another reason is to spark emotion. The bible tells us that God gives us good memories to make us feel better. To remind us of what he's given us. But equally, The Enemy uses bad memories to remind of mistakes or abuse. Either way, they spark our emotion. 

They give us stories to tell. Whether your still in it, or its in the past, memories five us stories to tell people, to confide in others. Even the most average life has amazing stories to tell and share with people. 

And finally they teach us. Having a memory of a situation helps you learn from it. A lot of times, in a stressful situation we just act, we can't learn anything right then and there. But the memories show us what we needed to learn and what we did learn automatically. Its Gods way of showing us how to do it his way. 

I wrote this yesterday on break from work. Today, I was listening to a song by Train called "Bruises". It's all about a guy who meets an old friend from High School and they recall old people and stories. I will post the video below 

The line that I really want to get to is: "These bruises, make for better conversation." As we age, the storied, the stuff that we thought were A huge deal and life defining, all boil down to experience and stories. So if Your in a rut today and having a hard time. Remember, eventually you will have a story to tell, and you will be better for it. 

Now! For some laughs! 

Kermit is in for a huge surprise. 

Looks like someone got nailed. 

A great way to keep people from having the same name. I guess?

I always kinda wondered...

Well, that escalated quickly. 

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