Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Today, we don't just celebrate the birth of a nation. We celebrate the creation of a world standard, a tradition that other nations only attempt to hold up. We celebrate a military that has saved us time and time again from threats, and continues to do so everyday. We celebrate a government, no matter how flawed, that has protected us on our own shores, but from foreign lands. We celebrate a people who have suffered dearly for hundreds of years, through snowstorms to hurricanes, all in the hope that we would be better unified because of it. We celebrate a symbol of hope, a worldwide beacon. Even to this day, people in other nations cheer when they here of the Americans coming. Here's to you America, a nation that we have built for the people by the people, and continue to see that everyday.

And I get to work. :/ lol oh well money is money, and I had no specific plans today. I hope everyone has a wonderful fourth of July! I'm gonna be havin' bible study, and prolly chillin' with some buddies in my new mancave. :)

Today I was thinking about overthinking (See what I did there?). A lot of times, we tend to overthink a situation or scenario. This most often leads to the creation of issues and problems that weren't already there, or don't even exist. And the worst thing you can do of all that, is to act on those false problems. There is only one cure to overthinking, I'm afraid, and that is trust. Trust that God has a plan for you, trust that he knows what is best, and that he has not taken you somewhere where he had not intended you to go. This is difficult. I'm not gonna lie, it's hard for me, because there are things in my life that I still can't see why God did them, and it honestly seems like he just let me rot there. Even though sometimes we think that in our finite minds, it is never the case. He can see beyond that brick wall you seem to be standing behind, and see the glorious masterpiece that he has painted. As a friend of mine always tells me, "Don't dwell on it. The more you dwell, and don't surrender, the more your mind will make problems that were never there." So go out today, and when you start worrying about something, Lord knows I've got tons of stuff on my mind, sing a happy song, heck sing The Happy Song! Give it to God, and let it take the course he has set before you. :)

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